Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Team CycleLife secures two podiums at Masters Nationals

Day 2, 3, & 4

We know, we've neglected to update our blog. But we've been busy! Suffice to say, we have sufficiently soaked in Louisville, KY and decided that this is a fantastic venue for holding the Masters Nationals Competition.

Thanks to Wendy for securing awesome housing for the week--our own single-family home with 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and a garden veranda where we chill in the mornings drinking our coffee and reading the local newspaper.

On the days we aren't racing, we're exploring, and of course helping each other apply sunscreen.

In the evenings, we're grilling and chillin. Keith assumed role of grill-master and the ladies made salad, bought the wine, and prepared the fixings. After all was eaten, stories were shared, bellies were full, and the midnight hour was upon us---the ladies went to bed. And the men [Keith Reeder - ABRT/Latitude, Andy Shaw - NCVC, and Rick Norton LSV] did the clean-up. We mention their team affiliations because we are an equal MABRA opportunity household.
You will note that while Andy and Keith are working hard, making strong efforts, and getting closer to the finish--Rick has assumed a draft position if-you-will. He's content to watch the action and when asked whether he was going to "pull through," he explained that he is a finisher. And thus, he did finish the job.

Back to race results. Yes, we're collecting hardware. And there is more racing to come.

For the time trial - Robin secured a podium spot with a 4th place finish at 1:01:22. The bronze place finisher rode in at 1:01:07. The top two competitors were sub-1 hour...thus proving, they are competitors of the highest caliber. Here are a few pictures. Robin gets tested and approved for a morphological exception to the UCI fit rules for her TT position. Robin and Wendy racing the TT. (The photos are blurry because they are going fast!) Robin wearing her medal.

Next hardware - the Women's 35-39 road race - Leslie secures a silver medal! Pictures tell it all. Leslie coming across the line securing her 2nd place spot by several bike lengths. Leslie on the podium. Leslie sporting her bling.

Art felt he needed to carry something a little more "bling" than his badge, so he, too, secured a podium spot with a 4th place finish. And he also tested the medal to make sure it was truly carbon-ti.

More later.....the 40+ boys [Rick, Keith and Andy] race at 10am.

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