Friday, November 21, 2008

Announcing Team CycleLife 2009 Roster

On the heels of an exciting opening night with our title sponsor, CycleLife USA, we are proud to announce the roster for the Women’s CycleLife Team 2009. Our team goals for next year include helping CAWES, Inc (Capitol Area Women’s Elite Squad) develop into one of the leaders in promoting women’s racing both at the regional and national level. The ten members of the 2009 squad bring a vast collection of experience, talent, strengths, and energy both on and off the bike. We have been spending time together gelling and bonding, and we are excited for the upcoming racing season. Look for us out on the road!

Christina Briseno, Cat 3
Jennifer Cheng, Cat 3
Sonja Evers, Cat 2
Michelle Hart, Cat 2
Leslie Jennings, Cat 1
Diane Miller, Cat 2
Melanie Schwartz, Cat 3
Wendy Ulmer, Cat 2
Sara Zeigler, Cat 3
Robin Zimmerly, Cat 3

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Dubs said...

What a great team! Go CycleLife!