Monday, January 19, 2009

Winter Training

Although we were disappointed with the rescheduling of our team clinic #3, some of us are lucky enough to be out in West Virginia at the Raw Talent Ranch for some winter skills training. 

The Chicken at the start of the ride. Today was a balmy 25 degrees, but the Muscle did 4 hours in  minus 4 degree temps yesterday. 
The Chicken descending a small hill on Howard's Lick road.
Shenandoah Mountain Road
We thanked the snow-plow driver for clearing the road and laying down gravel. It made the ride a lot better.
We had only planned on doing 2 hours, but somehow ended up down in Bergton riding 3 1/2 hours instead. Thank goodness we had enough CeraSport! That stuff is not only more nutritious than most sports drinks, it tastes great, too. Try the fruit punch flavor, yummy!

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