Sunday, April 19, 2009

A great weekend of racing...

We're all wiped out from the weekend, and pictures were hard to come by, but for a few goodies.

SAT: 8 ladies from Team CycleLife powered by Specialized lined up at the Womens Open Syn-Fit Crit on Saturday. The video camera apparently shut down before the finishing lap, so the officials were able only to piece together the top 15 finishers, but our ladies locked up the 2nd and 4th spot for the day. We also took both primes for extra measure.

SUN: Again, 8 ladies from the squad came to the line for the Womens Open at the 10th Memorial Carl Dolan Classic Circuit Race. Beautiful weather, great venue, great race. LJ solo'ed off the front to lock up the "W" and Michelle finished second in the field sprint, locking up 1st and 3rd for the team. Feeling spunky (or downright silly), LJ, Michelle, and Robin recovered for an hour or so and then entered the Mens 1/2/3 race. A different pace, a different peloton, but fun fun fun.

That's Michelle tucked in to the left of the peloton.

Robin rides up on the outside of the peloton.

And if you're wondering why Todd Hipp, arguably one of the top sprinters in the MABRA region, did not close the deal today...well, he was, uhm, distracted.


Pete said...

Curiously, I also found myself in situations where I was happy to have a "particular" wheel.

I was diggin' the super-narrow-wind-tunnel-approved arm position. I think it actually channels MORE air to the rear-ward rider, slowing them down. The secret is out of the bag!

I is good to see the girls throwin' down! If promoters see more and more girls jumping into whatever races they are eligible, maybe something might be done about the "supply" side of the supply/demand equation...

LJ said...

If you mean my "super-narrow-wind-tunnel-approved arm position" - that was courtesy of Josh Frick. He'll make you fast! Or at least aero.

And a thanks to the guys for being so supportive of the ladies in the race. Have done a few races were guys aren't thrilled to have us. This one seemed different. I think it's a confidence thing - the guys'confidence, not the girls'.