Sunday, March 15, 2009

Teamwork on rollers

The weather today kept us indoors for fear of getting sick before race season begins and/or because we're tired of having to clean our spiffy new bikes after riding wet roads.

With that in mind, Chicken and Zig made the trek to Casa de Ulmer this morning with full intentions on getting in a good workout - inside or outside- while catching up on gossip... come on, we're a team of women. Gossip is allowed. Encouraged, even.

So, what follows may not be suitable - for anyone. Team CycleLife does not take any responsibility for the absurdity of the situation. Please note that even while indoors, we do encourage safe riding. This includes helmets at all times.

Video: courtesy of Chicken. Humor: built in with this group. Thanks to Zig for being a willing participant ... and for having visceral reactions that give us a new catch phrase: "It slid a little. I don't like it." Classic.

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