Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Jeff Cup Womens 1/2/3

Wet roads and a strong field meant it'd be a tough day of racing for the women's 1/2/3 at Jeff Cup. 40 or so riders lined up under the crackling electric wires (added to the ambiance, but what was up with that?) for the first Mid-Atlantic road race of the year in Charlottesville, VA. Some notable names were there with Sarah Caravella, Deidre Winfield, Laura Igoe, and all the local MABRA strong women.

By lap two the front group was down to 15 riders with three CycleLife - Michelle, Sonja, and Leslie. Unfortunately, both Michelle and Sonja would get flats on laps 3 and 4 respectively. Seems lots of riders were taken out by the glass that someone had sprinkled around. This left Lucky Leslie who had managed to avoid the shards to battle for the sprint.

Juice Plus had two riders in the final group - Rachel Warner and Amity Elliot. Rachel had been attacking all day, and did a great job of setting a high pace for the last kilometer for her teammate. She, along with Laura I. drove the train heading into the finish. At the 200 meter mark Amity jumped first, but Leslie was closing in. Unfortunately the line got there before Leslie did. 1st place to Juice Plus. 2nd place to CycleLife.

Meanwhile the rest of the CycleLife team was doing battle with the larger peloton behind. Some good results with Chicken, Mel, and Sara all in the top 20. Complete results here.

A hard day for all, but a good "opener" for the season. Interesting to see how many of the MABRA ladies are riding super strong.

Chocolate Milk = Good Recovery

Post race team talk...Then I attacked and then she attacked and then I attacked... actually it was more like "I got a flat", "me too", "me too".

Who is the jerk who parked here? That'd be Miss Hart (less).

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