Monday, January 28, 2008

Badger is down, but not out!

I never thought the "badger" nickname would be so fitting until I looked down at my hand this morning. A lovely black and blue shade and nicely bloated to form a sort of paw.

4 weeks until the fracture heals (I'm told). Face is healing nicely, though I admit to not wanting to shower for two days for fear my face and the skin would come off.

Big thanks to my "roadside rescue team" for scraping me off the icy gravel and Mike B. for putting my digit back into place. I also owe a thanks to Mike B. for capturing on his phone a very candid moment of me in a dazed and apparently happy-concussion-state. I do not recall posing for this shot, and that's not my glove. Either someone is shielding the camera from my ugly dislocated finger or the universal middle finger gesture.

Little did I know I was the center of all the mayhem when "the lady of the woods" came out of her house asking if we wanted to come in. I just thought, "Wow, this lady sees us training in below freezing weather and wants to offer us some hot tea and cookies. How cool is that." I didn't get the tea or cookies, but the IV and percaset worked. I could do without the bedpan next time, but now I can tell everyone that HvT knows how to get my pants off. Thanks chick.


vonT said...

Aww, sweetie. Your hand was really cold and only my spare glove was big enough to envelop your very much owwie digit. Honestly, I don't really remember the photo being taken either, although I seem real happy that either 1) you're alright or 2) you crashed. Maybe I was sick of you dropping me on the damn hills and was glad for the respite!

bethbikes said...

Wow, I knew you girls were tight...but really now!
Good to know that Heidi has skills, though I hope to never have to utilize them.
Robin, heal fast, see you on the 7AM!