Saturday, January 26, 2008

WOMan Down!

The first visit to the emergency room of the year!

We're pretty good at handling these little trips to the emergency room, but today was a new one. An hour from where we started, on a dirt road, with only one inhabited house in sight, and Robin does a face plant going over some ice. YIKES!

Despite the banged up face, the neck brace (unneeded they just wanted her wearing it at the hospital), and a dislocated/chipped finger, the sense of humor never failed...

Well maybe for a minute when she realized she had a concussion and didn't know what day it was.

Special thanks to Mike B. for "re-setting" Robin's finger (ouch!), Von-T for staying with Robin while the rest of us sprinted back to the cars, and to the lady that lives in the woods and let our spandexed riders sit in your house til the ambulance came.

It was also exciting to find out that Robin's family is able to apparate. By the time the team arrived at the hospital, the Zimmerly entourage was there - mom, step-dad, brothers, and boyfriend! Very impressive. Heal fast Robin, and keep using those painkillers.

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