Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Wendy, Sara and I visited Malaga, Spain last week for some spring training on the bike. We had a fantastic time with the Idles... Great food, great company, great riding, awesome hills. I can't wait to go back! I'm sure Sara and Wendy will have much more to say, but for now let me leave you with my stats:

  • 249.08 miles ridden
  • 17:28:54.24 hours in the saddle
  • 10,371 calories burned
  • 21,711 feet climbed

The other girls will have slightly higher numbers as I was sick the last few days and wasn't feeling up to all that climbing. We had some kind of flu/sickness going around camp... I think Sara was the only one that didn't get sick!!

Our home base, the Idle camp:

Some local scenery:

The Indian Head (or Gypsy Head):

There's snow in Spain, too:

View from Sierra Nevada:

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