Monday, March 10, 2008

We Love Lucy and trainer sessions !

While VonT was stalking the radar hoping to get some sunshine and dry roads, her teammates were diligently keeping each other company on our trainers - resigned to a long day looking at each other and the four walls in the basement of the "frat house". You see, VonT is much more optimistic and brave when it comes to avoiding trainer-sessions. The rest of us were depressed and dejected with the weather - but decided to make the best of it.

I completely understand VonT's aversion to rollers and trainers ... for most of us, they are a vital part of our winter-weekday training. I get up before the sun rises (on a good day), fulfill my training obligations for the day and then transform into Plain Jane-accountant so I can pay the bills for my cycling obsession. So, the prospect of spending 2+ hours on a trainer ON THE WEEKEND is just too much to take. I've often stalked NOAA for the latest weather info. I've changed ride plans by hours just to have the chance for sunshine and/or dry roads. I've played the phone game with friends and teammates to try to organize around the rain-Gods. I've bundled up beyond recognition because a few degrees couldn't keep me inside. But not Saturday - we just resigned to trainers and got to the business at hand.

Before we got all sweaty and trainer-like, we decided to take the opportunity to feature some of our sponsor-gear. We Heart Our Sponsors !! A new addition to Bethesda Row later this year, Lucy loved our team and our mission and decided to partner with us to further the cause. We're not just saying We Love Lucy because they're a sponsor - several of us have been frequenting Lucy's website for years. And at the risk of sounding a little conceited, I gotta say that we look good in our Lucy-gear.
And yes, please be jealous of my Spain-bike tan. Only cyclists can appreciate the panda-bear tan. More pics and details of the Spain trip to come !

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