Thursday, March 27, 2008

TGIS - Thank Goodness its SPRING !

I could tell something was different about Tuesday afternoon. Despite the fact that I'm in the middle of an audit at work (what, you thought PlainJane was actually descriptive of my personality? PlainJane accountant, my dears), I knew I had to try to skip out a little early. This was the day - rush home, pray that traffic on 895 is light and make a mental list of the most efficient way to get out the door on my bike. Everything worked perfectly - I was on the road by 530, rolling down my normal loop to Patapsco State Park which conveniently drops me out on Ilchester.

The sun was still pretty high in the sky and my wind jacket quickly became unnecessary. No ice. No danger of being caught out in the dark. It was wonderful. There were walkers, bikers, runners and roller bladers running all over the trails in the park. And we were all so happy to be out in the spring weather, it was like we shared a secret that no one else had the opportunity to experience.

I was scheduled for sprint intervals so once I turned onto Ilchester, I got right to the business at hand. Inspired, I hit all-time best numbers for several categories. I did my intervals as if this were the last time I'd see sunlight on the roads. Amazing what a difference I felt after endless workouts on the rollers. I was reminded why I love to be on my bike. I was reminded that despite some tough experiences with traffic and pedestrians during the winter, there are tons of kind and conscientious people out there. Most importantly, I was reminded that winter DOES end ... and rather conveniently, it seems to be ending right as we're getting ready to get our game on for the race season. Its very cool when things just seem to work out.

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