Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Just wait 'til July...I'm gonna be SO fast

Too many cutesy pictures can turn blog readers away. And we loves us some blog readers, so stop. Look left. Now squint. Yep, those are Leesburg's finest worms on Bethesda's finest Specialized Ruby. I thought maybe my teammates were flying past me this weekend because I started my "winter training" late (Feb) or because I have been training extensively (for winter hibernation). But no, it's because I cannot ride fast when I'm not at my ideal race weight. And right now it's about 130lbs less these 4 ounce free-loaders. Talk about wheel suckers.

Apologies in advance readers. You get no half-naked pics of this fabulous team, nor advance notice of our next outing (because often we do strip down in parking lots before and after rides). Nope. This blog is pure mindless blabber--the type I've tried to shy away from since we started. Don't worry, it won't last long. Kind of like me in a 50+ mile road race right now.

I'm gonna be so damn fast in July. No, seriously. These are the words I have adopted in response to teammates as they either fly past me uphill, zoom around me going downhill, or look at me funny. And I see those looks ladies as I'm muttering to myself on these endurance rides. I see a lot from the back of the pack. OK, enough self-deprecating for the moment.

As Michelle posted below, the ladies decided to ride some new ground for a change...the rollers of Leesburg. And fortunately, the weather was warm enough for me to work on my farmer's tan and worm collection. Yes, the underbelly on the bike frame above is a fine start to my collection. While Wendy chose to collect little green worms on her glasses and Melanie shared a tale of consuming protein in the form of yellow-winged tartness, I rolled over the roads of wormville.

I don't clean my bike often. I bet the worms are now dried nicely on there. But that's okay, because on Sunday I added a layer of mud to the frame, and cogs, and derailer, and bottle cages. Dammit. More race weight to deal with. I think once I convince my beloved to "help me" clean my bike (i.e., please do it all for me and I'll watch) , I'll once again be rolling. Not much faster. I have to keep training for that (I know coach, I cannot be fast just from reading the workouts you send me). I tried that. So, like I said above, just wait 'til July. I'm gonna be smoking fast then. Until then, I'll just keep riding around soccerfields knocking my teammates over and picking up water bottles.

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