Thursday, April 10, 2008

Ladies who Lunch

I’m sitting at my desk at work, finishing up my lunch, and am seriously craving some salty oatmeal cookies. “Where can you find salty oatmeal cookies?” you might ask. Visit Teaism at one of their three downtown locations.

My first experience with salty oatmeal cookies was about a month ago when Robin and I figured out that not only were we both working in DC, but our offices are about a half block from each other. We decided to meet up for lunch and visit our friendly local sponsor, Teaism. Robin got there a couple minutes before me to find that the line was stretched out the door, always a good sign in a restaurant! We went inside and placed out orders, salmon bento box for me and chicken for Robin. I also ordered some earl grey tea which was super yummy and wonderful on a cold day. Needless to say the food was healthy and delicious!

As the lunch rush died down Michelle, co-owner of Teasim, came out to chat with us. We discussed our recent partnership with WABA, told her about our winter training, and shared our excitement for the upcoming season. Before I left the restaurant I purchased a pack of salty oatmeal cookies to take home to share with my housemates/teammates, Sara and Jenny. I ate one on the metro on the way home and was hooked!

Now the season is upon us, and Michelle even came out to our race at Tyson’s Corner. She is excited to see the Teaism logo which will be occupying some valuable real estate on our new shorts once they arrive. I’m just excited to get back to Teasim for another great lunch and some more cookies!!!

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