Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Tyson's in pics, Walkersville recap

From the gun, Team CycleLife tried to set a high pace for the circuit race at Tyson's Corner. Wendy led one of the first charges off the front.

The first 10 minutes of any race always feel like the worst, especially when the intensity is high and your legs are already tired from a long race the day before. Despite the hurt we were all feeling, we were motivated by seeing each other at the front and off the front. Michelle led an attack and managed to get clear and a small break formed and stayed out for a good portion of the race and claimed most of the primes.

The break was eventually brought back by the field and everyone got to rest for a few laps. The pace was kind of erratic for a few laps as the field would surge up the hill and then recover at the top. Then on the downhill side the field would coast the first half and then some riders would try to push the pace on the backside.

Team CycleLife showed the colors at the front and off the front several more times during the race including a few hard surges by Heidi which strung out the field.

Team CycleLife rode a hard race and showed our bright new colors at the front. In the end we gave it all we could and Leslie, with a nice lead out from Wendy, took the top spot of the team.

Pics provided by
Jim Wilson and Jeff Anderson.

Walkersville Recap

Walkersville was a long 48 mile road race near Frederick MD on Saturday. The rain held off thankfully but the wind sure was howling. Team CycleLife, with our flashy bright green and yellow kits, couldn't wait to show everyone the back of our jerseys.

Sara and Robin did a lioness's share of the work early in the race to pull the field after the early attacks. Mid-race a split that included Wendy and Melanie ended up getting folded back into the field before anything really happened. A solo late attack from a competitor however was fairly successful despite the strong winds and narrow roads which were hindering the peloton.

With a few miles to go from the finish Melanie launched an attack and managed to stay away with a few other riders and finished 2nd out of the cat 3s. Meanwhile Wendy and Leslie's 1-2 punch allowed Leslie to take the field sprint and earned some moola for 3rd in the cat 1-2 chicas.

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