Thursday, April 10, 2008

Random Rambling

So last weekend the CycleLife women were dreading our 8am start time in Walkersville. I checked the weather before I went to bed and was really dreading the possibility of rain and cool temps to start the day. I got up a few hours later and the forecast had changed - no rain, and a high of 60+ degrees ! The weather-Gods were smiling upon us ! Bike was already packed, last minute "just in case" items added, coffee was brewed ... off we go. I'm rolling along I-70 and look down at the clock ... You may have read previous posts where I lamented having to get up at O'dark-thirty. Well, for those of you that asked what time that actually is, here ya go.

As luck would have it, after an early Saturday road race, we were scheduled for a late-day race at Tysons- over 24 hours of recovery is GOOD, esp when we're just getting used to two-race weekends. One of my favoritist recovery routines ? A nice leg massage using arnica oil. It has been a leg-saver during many back-to-back racing days. Another option, if your legs are really in bad shape is Tiger Balm ... I love the liquid kind that I can usually find at Whole Foods or Roots. One word of warning - Tiger Balm in this form should be used in small doses. I once had a full leg and back massage with Tiger Balm before bed ... about a half hour later I had to get up and take a hot shower b/c the Tiger Balm had the effect of those icy/hot patches - only not the hot part. Dont say I didnt warn you !

Anyhoo, I digress - the late start at Tyson's was a blessing - the boys that went early in the day had the worst of the rain, where we had to deal with slightly damp road conditions. The NCVC junior's tent with coffee and hot chocolate was key - I hope everyone went over to get warm and to support your local junior racers. Team CycleLife had good races both days, with everyone on the squad contributing to team finishes. It was our first weekend in our new colors, which I absolutely LOVE. We had fun taking pics in our new colors earlier in the week. (you can tell this is a cyclist's home - note the zipps leaning against the dining room wall) You dont want to mess with this bunch ! Oh, fine - we could barely keep straight faces trying to look tough ... but you didnt hear that from me.
We have an "off" weekend coming up, which is a nice way to catch our breath after the first two whirlwind weekends of racing. After this break, though, its on ...

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